Redbird Flight Simulator

It’s here and it moves!!
The simulator may be used for the following number of hours towards your FAA license:

  • Private – 2.5 hours
  • Instrument – 20 hours
  • Commercial – 50 hours


Avidyne Entegra (Cirrus)

Garmin G1000 (Cessna 172)

Single – engine (std. control yoke)

Side stick (Cirrus)

Multi-engine power




MEMBER                               NON-MEMBER

$65 | 700*                              $75 | 900*




  • All simulator time must be scheduled via Zone Aviation’s online Scheduler.
    • “Hobbs” time must be recorded and logged accordingly by Zone Staff.
  • Initial Check-out in the simulator requires ONE hour of instruction – $45 Fee
    • A flash drive is required to operate the simulator. (2 will always be available but may not be set according to occupants desire.)
  • Simulator available ONLY during Airport hours.
    • 2 hour maximum without Zone Staff authorization.
  • Simulator scheduled time is NOT transferable between customers.  (The appointment must be canceled and rescheduled for the appropriate customer)
    • Simulator Configuration is to ONLY be changed by Zone Staff OR
      Additional ½ hour training with Zone Staff at Instructors rate.
  • Maximum of 2 occupants at any given time.
    • No food or drink within or near the Simulator.
  • No people or objects must cross the Sim’s movement radius if motion is enabled.