Is this right for me?

Yes, if you plan on getting paid to fly you will need a commercial license.

How much time?

Pursuing a commercial license requires the completion of your private pilots license as well as your commercial.

How much will it cost?

You should expect to invest around 6k for your commercial license.

Estimated Costs

Zone Aviation Student Average Cost
10 Dual Flight Hours including Piper Arrow (single engine complex) Aircraft Rate, Fuel, and Instruction Rate 2,540.00
15 Hours Ground Instruction 975.00
Books 100.00
Club Annual Membership Fee 600.00
One Year Unlimited Simulator Package (50 hours of logged simulated time allowed) 700.00
FAA Knowledge Test 165.00
FAA Practical Test Designated Pilot Examiner’s Fee 500.00
Estimated Total: $ 5,580.00

Estimate only. The FAA minimum requirement of 250 hours total logged flight time is not included in estimate; estimate only for dual time logged. Actual time and cost may vary depending on pilot proficiency, frequency, and consistency of flight lessons. All Training is completed to standard of pilot proficiency and safety, and not only on FAA minimum hours required.

This FAA license/certificate requires 10 hours in a Complex aircraft which means essentially that you operate retractable landing gear, flaps, and an adjustable propeller.

There are many requirements for this certification, but the basics consist of:

  • 250 hours of total logged flight time
  • Must be proficient in English
  • 18 years of age
  • Hold an Airmens Medical Certificate of at least a 3rd class.
  • Receive Ground instruction from a certified instructor.
  • Pass a knowledge exam + practical/oral exam.

See 14 CFR Part 61 subpart F for specific details or contact us