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Zone Aviation... Soon to offer Multi-Engine
Zone Aviation will soon be adding a new aircraft to our fleet. We are in the process of obtainig and upgrading a Beechcraft Dutchess. The current plan is to upgrade the aircraft with a Garmin G600 glass panel retrofit package. The aircraft will be available for multi-engine training, and rental (Checkout Required). We are also currently developing a Crew Resource Management, and multi-engine time building program for the aircraft as well.






What are the basic requirements for a ME rating?

At Least a Private Pilot Certificate

Instructor Endorsement

Practical Test (Checkride)



How long will it take to get my Multi-Engine rating?

The amount of instruction required will vary depending on the individual student. A good estimate would be approximately 10 hours of dual instruction in the aircraft, 2-4 hours of dual instruction in a flight training device, and 5 hours of ground instruction.



What are the steps to get my certificate?


Dual Instruction. There is no Solo requirement for the Multi-Engine add-on, all of the training will be conducted as dual instruction with a qualified multi engine instructor (MEI). This will include instruction in both the aircraft and in a multi-engine FTD. If you hold an instrument rating currently, some instrument maneuvers and hood work applicable to the multi-engine aircraft will be required as well.


Oral and Practical Test. Once you meet all the flight training requirements and you instructor believes you are proficient... you are ready for you "checkride". This check ride is composed of a oral examination and a flight in the aircraft with an FAA designated examiner. The check ride examines your knowledge, practices and proficiency at the contols of the multi-engine aircraft.


What type of aircraft will I fly?


The aircraft you will be flying is an IFR certified Beechcraft Dutchess:




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Why choose Zone Aviation for your multi-engine training?

Simply put... We have the most experienced full time multi-engine instructors.

We are one of the top training facilities in the country.

We train in well maintained aircraft with updated modern equipment.

We have a proven training program to produce qualified multi-engine pilots

We operate econimical aircraft to keep the cost managable

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