The CTLS is Flight Design's top of the line model offering performance, stability and comfort. The CTLS is great for long cross country trips, pilots of all skill levels and flight schools interested in attracting new students with its modern looks and high-tech panel.

The large comfortable cabin features the Dynon glass panel, Garmin radios and Garmin 496 with XM weather and music as standard equipment. Optional leather seating gives a true feeling of luxury in an efficient Light Sport Aircraft.

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Color Graphics

Attractive color graphics finish off the high tech look of the CTLS. Available in many standard patterns and optional custom graphics upon request.
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CTLS Advanced with Dynon Glass Panel

Dynon Sky View Dual Glass Panel Display w? Dual Redundant AHRS. Garmin SL 30 Com & GTX 327 Transponder W/Mode C, Garmin 696 GPS with XM Weather; 2 David Clark Headsets, PM 3000 Stereo intercom with iPod Jack

Up to 10 Hours of Flight Orientation

Included with your CT purchase to show the fundamentals of owning and flying a CT.

USA Shipping

Insured shipping via sea freight container to your nearest distributor

LED Strobe & Position Lights

All CTs come with these beautiful hi tech LED strobe, position lights and rotating beacon.

ELT (Emergency Location Transmitter)

The AK-450 ELT from Ameri-King is FAA TSO-C91a approved and meets FCC rule for improved satellite detection. It features voice transmitting capability, visual "on" lights for both ELT main unit and remote panel, and uses standard Duracell batteries.

Cloth Sport Seats with Headrests

Flight Design created these seat for more comfort on long flights. Includes a comfy headrest. If you are particullarly large you may consider the standard seats which are not as tall but allow much more adjustment for really tall people.

Cabin Heat / Carb Heat

The cabin heater takes warm air from a shroud around the exhaust can. The carb heat is an alternate air system that takes warm air from the engine compartment near the exhaust and pipes it to the carburetors..

Door Locks, Parking Brake

The CT comes with door locks for securing the aircraft. The standard brakes have a handy feature that allows them to be set for parking.

Wheel pants and gear fairings

Part of the reason that the CT cruises so fast is the tidy wheel and gear leg fairings that come standard.

12V Accessory Plug

The 12V plug is useful for portable GPS systems or hand held radios.

Gull Wing Door

The CT features large Gull Wing doors. Held up by gas struts they allow easy entry and elegant exits from the plane. The doors are shaped to allow entry to the cabin without any awkward deep knee bends or other acrobatic positions!

Fire Extiguisher

Flight Design cares about our safety and provides each new CT with this fire extinguisher. Located behind the right passenger seat it is easy to reach and use if you need it.

3-axis Manual Trim System

A manual (non electric) trim system for rudder, elevator and ailerons. Great for trimming the plane during long cross country flights the CT was designed for!

Oil and coolant thermostat system


912 ULS (100 HP)

The Rotax 912 series is the standard by which all other light aircraft engines are judged for economy, durability and long (1500 hrs.) TBO.

FD Prop cover, wallet and briefcase


Composite main landing gear


Rotax Sliding Clutch

All CT aircraft sold include this important feature for longer life on the Rotax 100HP 912S gearbox.

Engine Cowling with Quick Fasteners

Dzus-type, replaces the standard metric Allen bolts in the cowling.

Stainless Exhaust

Standard with all CTs is this quiet and high quality stainless steel exhaust. This and the gear reduced Rotax 912S engine makes the CT a favorite of airport neighbors.

BRS 1350HS Parachute System - Installed

Each CT is equipped with a BRS parachute system as standard equipment because we believe in the concept. BRS is the industry leader in emergency parachute systems for light aircraft. A totally internal system with actuator handle between the seats.

Neuform 3-Blade Propeller Black & White L/E Protection

Three blade upgrade to the high tech Neuform propeller. Available only in white (front) and black (rear). Allows quieter and smoother operation.

MECAPLEX Sliding Window Vent

High quality Mecaplex sliders allow a surprising amount of fresh air into the CT with the small finger operated scoop.

Night Lighting Package

For Dynon equipped aircraft or those planned to have a horizon reference. Complies with Part 91 night-flight requirements. Includes a landing light, lights for the back up instruments, fuel level indicators and a cabin light.

Nightflight Package CTSW Classic

This package is for those that plan to use a standard electric artificial horizon or a smaller EFIS. UMA lighted rings for the instruments, fuel indicators, landing light, cabin light.

Composiclean proper care kit

Complete low ph cleaning products to keep your CT looking new.

No David Clark Headsets


Tundra Wheels w. Wheel Fairings

Rough field upgrade with larger tires, larger wheel fairings and reinforced fuselage attachments for truly rough field capability.

Garmin GTX 330 Transponder W/Mode S

This package takes the Garmin GTX 330. The GTX 330 is a Mode S, transponder with datalink capability, including local traffic updates. The result is improved communication between aircraft and air traffic control.

Garmin 496 w/o XM Weather and Music


No Garmin 496 GPS with XM Weather


GARMIN SL 30 Nav-Com with Dynon HS-34 HIS Module

The top of the line avionics package. It takes the Garmin SL 40 Com, GTX 330 Mode S transponder and the Garmin 496 GPS. Weather & Radio, Traffic, Terrain. This is alot of capability for an SLSA

Photo window (single side only)

A larger (6.5" x 10") sliding window for camera access. Makes the strut-less CT a great non-commercial photo platform.
$ 740.00

Black or Light Brown Leather Seats and Sticks

High quality leather seat covers in two color choices replace the standard durable cloth covered type.

CT Pilot (Digiflight I FP basis) Single axis digital autopilot


CT Pilot (Digiflight II FP basis) Single axis with altitude hold


CT Pilot (Digiflight II VS basis) Two Axis with vertical speed control


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ADD U.S. Government fees for security and processing


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